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MV> Apart from the medium of art I think there is in contemporary art practice still some conceptual approach. Could you explain how do you see this phenomenon as curator/artist and do you consider it in your curatorial/artistic projects?

M2> As they trained me or I have been trained and as I start to agree with them, I think contemporary art is a method of doing art, a way of creating art works. So it is a conceptual approach being developed long before our days.

MV> Do you feel that in Europe we are quite losing the grand narratives and historical ideologies replaced with fragmentary identities and multidisciplinary forms?

M2> In a way I hope and it is a must, that political and social perspectives become more and more present and more and more a part of not only art works itself, but of the way we live, of the way we fight for a social change and of evolution in every one of us. I think time has come and yes, we are getting closer.   

MV> Globalization has created a new generation of Slovenian artists that despite the use of different media has probably an unique common purpose: react to the past, open to the world and create a new future. How do you see this new generation of Slovenian artists?

M2> I think it is not fair or even impossible to generalize things in that way. Artistic positions are really different and also schools and contexts in which new Slovenian artist are trained in this moment are different, so it is a global logic mixed with different local spices all the time. Reacting to the past, opening the world and creating a new future are directions, logic and wishes art creating, making, doing has always had.         

MV> Since the recent past in Slovenia seems that art, music, design, architecture, science, literature and others became inseparable binominals and the collaborations between artists of different fields happen to be ordinary...

M2> Multidisciplinary or better to say and to use would be the term "interdisciplinary" that has and will or must get as much space, training, understanding and use as possible. Human beings are multi-inter-disciplinary thinkers and beings, so we have to be aware and we have to move analytical and of course critical towards this logic of ours, which have always been a part of our system, culture and situations.

? Marika Vicari
: M2 (son:DA)

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