In my head

Ryoichi Kurokawa is multimedia artist from Osaka who works in the field of algorithmic art. His art works are the example of audiovisual conceptual architecture as in the case of a work rheo: 5 horizons - well known from Ars Electronica. During Nuit Blanche in Košice 2013 he presented his two media installations: Mol and Oscillating Continuum.


When labelling son:DA we should note that son:DA did not begin to use expressions like art collective, tandem, duo, cooperative for itself; these have been propagated by other authors when referring to son:DA. Moreover, different sources render the name son:DA differently, including son:da, sonDA, sonda, zonda, SON:DA, and SON:da.

Hot Potatoe

"I will likely never be considered a real artist here in North America since I have drawn comics! I say this in a joking way since I have had real art shows but there is always something going on in the back of museum curators minds that will prevent them from thinking you are a legitimate artiste if you have inked a page of comics. Maybe it is a blessing."

The world is not like that

Orlando studied design and communication at the University of Essen and at the école supérieure d´arts graphiques in Paris. He has lived and worked in Hamburg, Paris, Madrid and now calls Berlin home. Orlando has received an award of excellence from the American Press Association, honors from Nouveaux Talents and was named best comic Newcomer.

Cut & Paste

Ruud van Empel is contemporary photographer, constantly challenging the face of reality. His works are represented by galleries and collections worlwide. Except of the photobooks (Photoworks, 2009) he can be found in many anthologies of contemporary progressive photography (Beyond Photography / Photography & Imagination, 2008). He lives in Amsterdam.

Hair in vitro

Hair in vitro is a trans-disciplinary project connecting biotechnology with various arts and humanities; it is focused on researching living human hair in vitro and on conducting related experiments in tissue engineering. Under the highly controlled conditions of a laboratory, this project seeks to assess the optimal life period of hairs separated from the human body.