Enter magazine

Enter / No. 19

... we want to bring some life into "dying" in public spaces, to be a little more innovative, to have a slightly more artistic or philosophical look, and to be open for some exclusive insights...

Enter / No. 18

... by using & reading this creative manual for repurposing in e-literature you will be ready to playfully decode and explore the new horizons in contemporary media literature and art.

Enter / No. 16

The correct manual for cutting edge media art of Eastern (Slovak) edge includes the successful analysis of media folklore, unsuccessful diagnosis, augmentation of your previous view.

Enter / No. 14+15

Special double issue devoted to contemporary media arts Made in Japan. High-tech thinking and Eastern tradition depicted by individual authors + 9 lessons in Japanese language!

Enter / No. 13

The Polish polished issue is dedicated to the Polish authors – at least to those who fit into it, more or less. Or inconsistent re-creative issue dedicated to the memory of lost L.E.M. robot.

Enter+ / sweden

... from artists and writers through major artistic initiatives to cultural institutions which outline the contours of peripheral Slovak metropolis – European City of Culture 2013.