Enter magazine

Enter / No. 36

An original compilation of texts and images or how to keep one's cool and be balanced to life (and death). The head (a relic!) of artist Viktor Perelman does not seem to disappoint again.

Enter / No. 35

Another of the (un)readable manuals for contemporary forms of poetry. The New Poetry Forms international platform offers multimedia poets inspired by non-existing geographic boundaries.

Enter / No. 34

Maybe you are too already addicted to the theorems about connections between art and science. A unique issue that is a direct continuation of the ENTER hypothesis with the sententious subtitle: Art-Fiction.

Enter / No. 33

Lebanese contemporary art with a focus on media art? You are really at the right place! Interesting activity that have been rised thanks to the cooperation between artists, curators and cultural institutions.

Enter / No. 32

Art & Science platform is maybe quite hard to grasp even in terms of media art. But No. 32 was created in cooperation with such partners as Ars Electronica, CERN or DIG gallery. Wow? Wow!

Enter / No. 31

Mr. Orrow has once again distinguished himself. The selection of 15 comic authors of the Thomas Orrow Award 2017 as contemporary art comic show. Best to end it up (or start with)!