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ENTER+ / Kreativno manuálos (EN)

Creative manual which enlightens contemporary Romani art scene. English, please! Dayly or nightly. A view which is eminently European...

Enter / No. 28

Emblematic issue dedicated to SK & CZ comic art, directed by Thomas Orrow and focused to the most contemporary comic extra-league. Enter No. 28 becomes what you have always needed...

Enter / No. 27

If you are used to read ENTER visually, you should end up with No. 27. Fortunately, not literally. Indeed, after a long time we again grabbed a bite of literature and other endemic species.

Enter / No. 26

From the very far, almost cosmic distance to the crucial micro-details. Enter No. 26 is a conspiracy for all artists or possible inspiration for fundamental anti-artists. Not afraid! Only of yourself.

Enter / No. 25

Exploring with no avail? Nowhere else you find such paradoxes of transmodern civilization. The scene of Košice City with almost all of its actors who despite the social oppression are still alive!

ENTER+ / Kreativno manuálos

Creative manual which enlightens contemporary Romani art scene. Believe, there are still many things waiting to be found. Dayly or nightly. A view which is eminently European!