Enter magazine

Enter / No. 32

Art & Science platform is maybe quite hard to grasp even in terms of media art. But No. 32 was created in cooperation with such partners as Ars Electronica, CERN or DIG gallery. Wow? Wow!

Enter / No. 31

Mr. Orrow has once again distinguished himself. The selection of 15 comic authors of the Thomas Orrow Award 2017 as contemporary art comic show. Best to end it up (or start with)!

Enter / No. 30

ENTER No. 30 allegedly approaches what is distant: all in the territory of nobody, nobody in the territory of all. In the background of this issue we test the compatibility of literature and photography.

Enter / No. 29

Creative manual which enlightens Romani art scene of nowadays. Believe, there are still many things waiting to be found. Dayly or nightly. A view which is eminently European!

ENTER+ / Kreativno manuálos (EN)

Another creative manual which enlightens contemporary Romani art scene. English, please! Dayly or nightly. A view which is eminently European...

Enter / No. 28

Emblematic issue dedicated to SK & CZ comic art, directed by Thomas Orrow and focused to the most contemporary comic extra-league. Enter No. 28 becomes what you have always needed...