Enter magazine

Enter / No. 27

If you are used to read ENTER visually, you should end up with No. 27. Fortunately, not literally. Indeed, after a long time we again grabbed a bite of literature and other endemic species.

ENTER+ / Kreativno manuálos

Creative manual which enlightens contemporary Romani art scene. Believe, there are still many things waiting to be found. Dayly or nightly. A view which is eminently European!

Enter / No. 24

From the topic-like “24” we can learn about more than 40 versatile native types, but also about the spontaneous and risking visual poets, who we could call “smugglers”.

Enter / No. 22

The most actual Zweiundzwanzig is for the contemporary German art linked to a famous dederon and its hipster-like pro-social involvement. The very pleasure for all trendsetters and coolists!

ENTER+ / repurposing

... by using & reading this creative manual for repurposing in e-literature you will be ready to playfully decode and explore the new horizons in contemporary media literature and art.

Enter / No. 20

Almost 10% of the population has a chronic insomnia disorder, which occurs at least three times per week. We guess the same figure counts for people who are deeply interested in the arts(?)