Enter magazine

Enter / No. 40

X means decade, fight, windbreak, intersection... Cancel! Let's celebrate together ten years of the existence of the Enter superzine! Creative selection of the most important, albeit in a very compressed form.

Enter / No. 39

Under the number 39, there is a space for creative playgrounds, which are dedicated to interdisciplinary play in arts. Authors who look at arts maybe in a broader context than usual.

Enter / No. 38

Comics medium based on timeless instructions by Thomas Orrow. 3x archive of comic magazines that map decades of comics not only by Slovak authors. Exhibition: Comics Mags 2019!

Enter / No. 37

Dream-cloning has become a key moment for the first issue of the magazine's X volume. It seems that it doesn't matter if you are awake or sleepy. You can't avoid creative energy!

Enter / No. 36

An original compilation of texts and images or how to keep one's cool and be balanced to life (and death). The head (a relic!) of artist Viktor Perelman does not seem to disappoint again.

Enter / No. 35

Another of the (un)readable manuals for contemporary forms of poetry. The New Poetry Forms international platform offers multimedia poets inspired by non-existing geographic boundaries.