Július Hegyesy / New retrospect

Retrospective view on the creation of an artist, who for several decades intently "redrawn" himself to the simplicity, harmony and truth. Take a cigarette, coffee, alternatively your sunglasses!

Štefan Hudák / Scenography of my Life

A monograph of a renowned scenic designer in more than a pocket-size edition, which does not even discourage an inexperienced pickpocket!

IDM+15 / ENTER+ reloaded

A sweet extra propaganda of the introspective ENTER+ manual by Department of Intermedia & Digital media AU FVU. Check its collaborative diversive edition. Reloaded!

Flexibuk No. 4 / Dandan & Nynewe

Flexibuk No. 4 presents a young prosaist Daniel Safanovič and photographer Michaela Knížová. Maybe quite dark and fatal but very true and live. The stories which almost came to reality.

Flexibuk No. 3 / Dalimír & Vladimír

Flexibuk No. 3 presents a poet Dalimír Stano and illustrator Vladimír Seman from the faraway east. Throughout the "pointless" beauty and useful confrontation of two parallel worlds.

Zuzana Husárová / Liminal

"Poems within regular frameworks of transit, time, and the alphabet, turning eccentrically, idiosyncratic moments and language that wobbles and intersects orthographically.” (Nick Montfort)