Archiv III_3

Milan Adamčiak / Archive III

Archive III (NÔTY) / notations and graphic scores
compiled by Michal Murin
The third book in a serie of archives compiled by Michal Murin shows the unpublished music, composing and musicological creating of intermedia pilgrim Milan Adamčiak.
"When I decided to start creating musical graphics, I did not expect they would become my mission in life. At the beginning, there was accidental information and my focused interest. I created my first score as a pencil drawing."
Exclusive part of the book is also CD made in collaboration with Daniel Matej and Mi-65, containing a selection of intoned musical scores.
413 pages / Slovak + English
5.9 x 5.9 in / hardback / BW / font Myriad Pro
ISBN 978-80-970848-3-7
Dive Buki © 2012/13
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