Milan Adamčiak / Archive I

Archive I (EXPO) / experimental poetry 1964-1972

compiled by Michal Murin

Long-awaited publication of experimental texts by known intermedia artist. The book consists of selection of 250 reproductions, interview with author and professional texts in Slovak, English and French. Archive I also includes an expensive Austrian paper from the Slovak cellulose imported from China. Additional instructions for reading this book:

"Dip and dive in the book wherever you like.
You can tear out the pages you don’t like.
Read the whole book aloud.
In a low voice. Don’t read it. Lend it. Give it away. Throw the book far away from you.

352 pages / Slovak + English + French language

5.9 x 5.9 in / hardback / BW / font Myriad Pro
ISBN 978-80-970848-1-3
Dive Buki © 2012

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